Xbox live now grants free games.

Fable 3 is now up for grabs. Remember you must be gold. So if I were you just buy like a month or steal someone’s 48 hour live to accept the claim. Easy free money, pretty much. Next month I heard it was halo 3 and assassin’s creed 2.


To Be Alive or To Be Dead With The Force

In the series known as Kotor or Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. The second in the series known as The Sith Lords, you play as an jedi exile. From this point it’ll be spoilers, you must find the last of the jedi council. In Hamlet, Hamlet values his life and so does the Exile in the game. Hamlet had a┬ádilemma to choose death and kill his uncle, choose life and do nothing, or apathy. It is similar here in the game except that you learn that you had your own dilemma, choose death or cut yourself from the force to live. You choose to cut yourself from the force due to some much information going through you that you could have died, that is why you chose to cut yourself from the force. Continue reading

Sorry for not doing Best of… This Week, Instead…

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Match.

This match truly consist of Micro and Macro gameplay that lasted a little over an hour. I would recommend watching this to see how to play Starcraft 2 efficiently. Both players did well. Sit down for 40 minutes to learn from both teams.

My bad for not doing Best of This Week….


Just For Kicks: Blogging will be back on schedule.

I just want to inform you that I am going back to school which means that my (Alle) blogs will be back on track. I will officially do my Best of… This Week and JFK (Just for kicks). I don’t know about my partners, but I know that I will continue to do so.

If you want to know about my Spring Break. I hung out with my girlfriend, I watched movies, and I did nothing except sleep as long as possible. Oddly enough, I didn’t play much video games.

I hope you had spring break and if you didn’t, I hope you enjoyed your week.

I hate school!!!!

Signing out Alle.

Bioshock: Infinite. The Vast Infinite Worlds

“Bioshock: Infinite”

What does Bioshock Infinite mean? Why the title of Vast Infinite Worlds? And can you explain the ending more clearly? Well, here is Bioshock Infinite Explained by Alle.

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