Building your way up to the top: Ninja Village

Ninja Village is yet another groundbreaking game from highly successful Kairosoft Co. Ltd. in which the player has a set parcel of land, to build upon, expand, and help the shogun reunite feudal Japan.

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Big Brother is always watching you.

In a totalitarian state, to say the least, it seems that government is always breathing down your neck. Because of this, people becomes oppressed and thus, in a way or another, lose their individuality. Once in a while however, a few stray from this oppression. These people, even while suppressed, they keep their movements hidden, and manage to band up to rise against the oppressor. In 1984, Winston and Julia are these people, well at least until to where I, Andre, am in the novel. These two decide to join the legendary “Brotherhood,” a force which is the yang to Big Brother’s yin. This background is akin to that of DMC: Devil May Cry.

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