To Be Alive or To Be Dead With The Force

In the series known as Kotor or Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. The second in the series known as The Sith Lords, you play as an jedi exile. From this point it’ll be spoilers, you must find the last of the jedi council. In Hamlet, Hamlet values his life and so does the Exile in the game. Hamlet had a dilemma to choose death and kill his uncle, choose life and do nothing, or apathy. It is similar here in the game except that you learn that you had your own dilemma, choose death or cut yourself from the force to live. You choose to cut yourself from the force due to some much information going through you that you could have died, that is why you chose to cut yourself from the force.

Now the Jedi Order decides to cut you from the force one more time. In this video it explains plenty of your gameplay.

From my understanding, Hamlet is afraid like the Exile. Exile chose life as I am reading Hamlet, I hope he chose life. Exile was afraid of death and chose to run away from the force. However, the Exile did not know that it was not the Jedi Order that cut her from the force, rather she cut herself from the force. The Jedi Order fears the Exile and wants to kill her because she is more powerful than they are. Kriea, your teacher, opens your eyes and help you choose the path right now and tries to bring truth to the council (although she is a sith lord). But the Jedi Order rejects the truth and Kreia strikes them down. If Hamlet finds the truth, maybe he will strike the people who killed his father (as I am only at Act III in the book).

Written by ALLE


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