Scenery in the Virtual World

Hey there! It’s AP! As much of our younger audience knows, AP/IB testing is coming up many of us will be studying hard over the next few days in order to receive our college credit. Instead of studying for my APs of which I have 4, I’ve been doing unproductive things such as watching anime instead. One would think that I am suffering from a severe case of senioritis. However, that’s not the case I’m just doing enough to maintain my grades :). I dove into the world of anime and found that the scenery from numerous animes and games such as SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) is quite breathtaking. However, for those of you who aren’t yet seniors in high school, this is one thing you need to take to heart.


Really. I mean it. Don’t overload yourself on your classes and try to get some sleep! And don’t procrastinate and wing your English presentations. Our English class did some rather interesting speeches on our passions or pet peeves e.g. False advertising, cats, etc… I originally meant to do my speech on either cats, anime scenery, or games, but I ended up doing mine on false advertising because of my frustration at food companies and architecture companies in general make things look and sound a lot better than they actually are. I even added a video at the end of my presentation to show what food companies do in order to market their products to the masses and how they make it look unrealistically delicious.

Anyways, back to the REAL stuff! In numerous animes such as Sword Art Online and Guilty Crown, there are numerous panoramas that appear on a regular basis. I find them beautiful and the artists that make these depictions of these imaginary worlds fantastic. The great storylines offered by the screenwriters as well as the art put into making anime is what engaged me in the first place. If you look below at the panorama of Tokyo Bay, it looks fantastic! It looks pretty realistic and you feel as if you could live there.

If you haven’t watched Guilty Crown yet, it’s a must watch anime for those of you who like action. It takes place in future Tokyo where an apocalyptic disease has been released and kills people by turning them into crystals. The now totalitarian government of Japan (GHQ) has tried to prevent the spread of this disease, but has been unable to find a cure because of its complexity (perhaps a modern version of AIDS?) and the Undertakers a rebel group fights back against the GHQ in order to prevent the systematic wiping out of Japanese citizens who have even the slightest possibility of being

Guilty Crown: Tokyo in 2039


Starcraft II: Augustgrad Sunset

If you think about it, the scenery from Starcraft II and Guilty Crown is pretty similar. Augustgrad, the capital of the Terran Dominion and the Tokyo of Guilty Crown both look very futurey and quite nice. I for one would love to live in cities such as these. Thanks for reading and tolerating my off topicness. Even though anime is not in the description of this blog, I will occasionally write about the animes I’ve recently watched.




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