Bioshock: Infinite. The Vast Infinite Worlds

“Bioshock: Infinite”

What does Bioshock Infinite mean? Why the title of Vast Infinite Worlds? And can you explain the ending more clearly? Well, here is Bioshock Infinite Explained by Alle.

Let me remind you that this is not a review, but rather a Spoiler of the whole entire game. I would like to tell you that this is more of my view and stance with mixed in of what I understand from other people’s perspective and opinions also. If you want me to do a review (which will be done after the explained portion), then understand that I have only watched people played through the game and cannot tell you the gameplay itself. But I can tell you all the other things. This is a long blog if you have at least 30 minutes or more, then you could sit down and read. Otherwise do no sit down and read this. I took over 4 hours to produce this. -Stupid searching for pictures-

Booker Dewitt

-Quick thing about myself-: I have done reviews for games, movies, tv – shows, and etc. But it never got popular with my other blog. And now since this blog is now somewhat an assignment, I am going to do my best to more this blog better than my previous blog.

Bioshock Infinite Cutscenes

Bioshock Infinite Voxophone

Bioshock Infinite Story/ Plot *SPOILERS*

“The beginning of Bioshock Infinite”

In the very beginning of Bioshock Infinite (setting the story in 1912), you (Booker Dewitt) are given a box that contains a gun, picture of a girl known as Elizabeth, a code, a key, a few coins, and a picture of the place where they keep the girl. You are headed towards the lighthouse and you discover a dead body and it is pretty much telling you not to fail them because you know and say to yourself “give us the girl and wipe away your debt.” You head over to the top of the lighthouse and you enter in a code. The foggy sky turns red with horns blaring in the sky. A mechanical chair loads up and you sit down on it. A few seconds later you are shot into the skies of Columbia.

“Welcome to Columbia”

As you are inside this chapel, you are asked to be baptized in order to go to Columbia. Which pretty much people consider it as Heaven. Once you are in Columbia, you discover a that there is a prophet known as Comstock. He is considered a Founder of Columbia and he has a fetish of the America’s Founders and made a religion out of the Founding Fathers.

“Founding Fathers is now a religion?”

The city is in the age of around 1912. This is like the American Dream there and it feels like heaven. You walk around in this safe heaven seeing a perfect society. You are then given a telegram saying that do not chose the number 77, leaving you a little puzzled by Rosalind Lutece. You find yourself in a carnival that Columbia is having. You find interesting things like Vigors (items that posses powers similar to Plamimds), guns games, and Voxophones (pretty much a recorder like audio files).

Beautiful Carnival

Then you are interrupted by the both Robert and Rosalind Lutece about coin flipping. You could see that there was a long list of heads tally versus none for the tails tally. You then go to a raffle finding out that you chose number 77. And you win the raffle. Since you won the raffle, you get to throw the ball at the Black woman and the Irish man or the announcer. This is the first time that you see segregation in the game and notice racism and following the old ways of the American Lives. But as you are about to throw the ball (at either one), the police officer stops you. They claim that you are the false prophet that will lead the people astray because you have the imprint letters of A.D. on your hand. Then everyone turns against you as you are about to be executed by the two police officers. As you have quick reflexes to flip a coin up in the air to get the one police officer off guard, you execute the police officer with a sky hook (a mechanical tool to allow free roam around Columbia). Over the course of the game, you gain more Vigors and weapons.


You learn that Comstock wants you dead because you’ll lead the lamb astray. This lamb is known as Elizabeth, you figure it out by the time he visits you and tries to kill you personally by having one of his followers burn herself which also will burn the Zeppelin down too.

“Give us the girl (Elizabeth), and wipe away the debt.”

You eventually get to the tower that has Elizabeth. You find out that she is like a lab rat. That pretty much she is living in a false home with a lab facility looking side as if it was one of those FBI one way mirror room. You could see on the wall that they have been experimenting with her and that they had her since she was two years old. Also, it has been around 20 years that past and you could see graphs that she has grown ever since. You find these lab equipment with electricity running through it and you flip the switch, suddenly whatever was in the container comes in a different color. You cannot figure out why. You walk through a facility finding videos of Elizabeth being watch like during her painting, deciphering codes, and lock-picking. You eventually find her in her home and you could see that she is very fascinated with Paris. You eventually see her and find her doing whatever a regular girl would be doing like checking their makeup, and etc. But suddenly in the room where it contains her painting of Paris and pictures of Paris, Elizabeth and grabs into stop in thin air and *rip* a tear is made infront of your eyes. You could see Paris now.

What the… How the hell? Is that Paris I see with the Star Wars Episode VI in the background?

While the view is beautiful, a ambulance is coming through and she suddenly closes it. You eventually go up the stairs and you somehow crash into her library. At first she is freaked out and starts throwing books at you and attacking you. You explain to her that you are here to rescue her and take her away from this place. She does not believe that you are real (probably the first time she ever seen a person in real life). And music begins to play as she is freaked out. She tells you to hide, but you question what’s going on. She tells you it’s the Songbird, and that you should escape. With the key at the beginning of the game, you show her that and she is in joy and grabs the key and opens the locked door that she tried numerous of times to open. Once the door is open both of you run out and escape the facility while the Songbird is destroying the facility because it is something that supposed to keep her in. Eventually you crash into a beach when the Songbird nearly kills you and almost recapture Elizabeth.

It’s the Songbird

You are lucky that you landed in the water of Battleship Bay because the Songbird cannot withstand the pressure of water at all (at any level). So literally water is its weakness. Elizabeth gets you out of the water and revives you. Elizabeth wants to wander off as the world is new to her. She runs off to dance at the beach and you now have to search for her. You eventually find her and she wants to stay, but you lie to her that both of you are going to Paris in order for to follow you.

Elizabeth having the time of her life.

You try to get to the zeppelin, but you take a detour and fight your way to plenty of places. You learn about the history of Columbia. You fight against a man known as Cornelius Slate, who wants to expose Comstock and for some reason wants to kill you too. He said that he wants his soldiers to kill you because he learns that his men and him will be replaced by mechanized bots. You go to the Hall of Heroes to actually get the . You learn about the Boxer’s Rebellion, Battle of the Wounded Knee, and why Columbia succeeded from America.

Boxer Rebellion

You understand that Elizabeth was born in like two weeks and that Lady Comstock was murdered by Daisy (which is a lie). If you listen to the Voxophones, they tell you that Comstock was the one who murdered (hired a hit) on Lady Comstock because he needed to keep the people having faith in his religion.

Lady Comstock

Then both of you fight your way through some more tough crowds of enemy and you eventually you steal a zeppelin. You dial in 41 N, 74 W. She notices that and tells you that you are heading towards New York. You explain to her that you have debt and that it was the only way. She knocks you out with a wrench (Bioshock Cameo wrench lol), and runs away in the city.You meet up with the Vox Populi leader, Daisy, once you wake up. She explains to you that you must gather some weapon for her rebellion against the Founders (the people of Columbia) for better equality [a bit like communism ideals] in exchange for the Zeppelin which she now taken from you. Daisy tosses you out of the Zeppelin and you find Elizabeth being captured by the police officers. You rescue her and she rescues you before you fall to your death. Both come to terms about being partners and going to Paris, but must complete the task at hand.

Daisy Fitzroy, the leader of the Vox Populi.

You get into Finkton and you known that Jeremiah Fink. Fink is a proud industrial man that has plenty of wealth, power, and etc. Fink wants to help you, and you think there is something up. You travel to a gun smith known as Chen-Lin. However, you don’t find him at his home, but you find his Asian wife. She tells you that he is locked up at the Good Time Club. So you travel there to get him out, but only to discover he was dead. Then the Luteces appear. They talk about the flip side of the coin and about Chen-Lin. Rosalind sees him alive and tails, but Robert sees him dead and heads. Slowly, they convince Elizabeth to open a tear to go into a parallel universe (B) [Currently you are in A] to get the weapons to Daisy.

I see heads, I see tails.

Then you go through and find the people that were dead alive with their nose bleeding, but you no longer find Chen-Lin dead however rather in a post traumatic state where his equipment is gone, but he thinks it is still there. His Caucasian wife tells you to get the equipment back to him by going to Shankytown. You go there, but you just cannot simply carry all the equipment back. So Elizabeth goes into another parallel universe (C) [So you hopped from A to B to C] where the weapons are with Daisy. You travel back to where you think you can find Chen-Lin, but only to find him killed by the Vox Populi. However, the uprising is going on and you are supporting Daisy with a flash of memories hitting you of what you did in Parallel Universe C and that Slate and you fought with Daisy. Daisy then claims that you died as a hero (remember that you in a parallel universe that contains you already). You find a voxophone saying that another version of from parallel universe C that you teamed up with the Vox Populi in order to get Elizabeth, but you (from parallel universe C) died in the process. So she thinks you are an imposter and wants you dead. She kills Fink and then nearly kills a kid. Elizabeth reacts and protects the kid by killing while you are distracting Daisy.

Death of Fitzroy

Eventually you get your zeppelin back. You register the coordinates N 78 and E 364. She changes outfits because her clothing was very bloody. She is now lost because it was her first time killing a person and having witness death numerous times, she feels cold (metaphoric). Once you get moving, the music hits once more and the Songbird hunts you down. The zeppelin crashes and you now met up with the Luteces once more. They play the same notes of the music that the Songbird follows to and Elizabeth freaks out, only to find that the Songbird did not arrive. The Luteces claim that it must be both music and instrument in order to get the Songbird to them.

Comstock, the Prophet of Columbia.

Elizabeth talks about the Songbird and how it was a friend/warden to her. She used to enjoy the music that played from the instrument used to play when the Songbird could come by when she was young because it fed her, brought her books, and etc. before 1912. But overtime she hated it because it was a warden to her. They eventually discover a room that has Fitzroy scalping the Founders (the leaders of Columbia except Comstock). They begin to understand the Luteces. Rosalind figure out Quantum Physics in lifting the city Columbia up in the sky. Rosalind also discovered from parallel universe (let’s say) B [because she is in Comstock’s world], Robert (parallel universe A) discovered her at the same time. They get into the discussion that they suddenly disappeared which is explained that Comstock wanted to kill them (hired Fink to sabtage the technology), but they didn’t die. They merely now exist in all parallel universe and the current one also, in any time and any space. Elizabeth explains to Booker Dewitt that she would rather be killed than have the Songbird recapture her.

“Don’t let him take me back”

Eventually Elizabeth wanted to know the truth and they both travel to Comstock’s home. You try to go into Comstock’s home, but you are stuck because only Comstock, the Founders, and Lady Comstock can go in. Lady Comstock grave (dead 19 years ago) is nearby and for some reason Elizabeth doesn’t appreciate Lady Comstock. However, Comstock somehow takes in some of the power of Elizabeth (the opening of tears) with an equipment, and made Lady Comstock both alive and dead. The Luteces then tell both Elizabeth and Booker that they must find three tears to reveal the truth to Lady Comstock. They discover that Lady Comstock didn’t bare the child Elizabeth, but merely taken Elizabeth from another parallel universe explained by Rosalind when Lady Comstock thought that Rosalind and Comstock were having an affair. They learn that Comstock has become sterile due to the technology that allow them to go to parallel universes and cannot produce an heir to his “throne.” Soon Lady Comstock wanted to tell Columbia the lie that “Prophet Comstock” was telling to the people, but was murdered before she could say anything. Soon, Elizabeth realizes that she created this false Lady Comstock because she was angry at Lady Comstock and afraid of sirens that led her to this. Elizabeth tell Lady Comstock that she is sorry and the truth and Lady Comstock comes to terms and help open the door to the House of Comstock.

Lady Comstock, both alive and dead. A siren.

Once you are heading towards Comstock himself, you are then attacked by the Songbird. You are nearly killed as it tosses you around and then Elizabeth stops it by explaining to it that it’ll go with the Songbird. And soon you jump out and try to catch up to where Elizabeth is at.

No! Elizabeth.

You then go back to the lab where they kept Elizabeth. And you find a future Elizabeth explaining that you can help prevent New York as you are teleport into the future from ever being attacked as long as your pass the message to the present Elizabeth. You quickly hunt down Elizabeth and save her from the torturing that Comstock is doing to her (trying to remove her powers and indoctrinate). You giver her the message of the future Elizabeth and she tells you that to find Comstock. You both travel to find Comstock.

“The seed of the prophet shall sit the throne and drown in flames of mountains of men.”

Once you find Comstock, Elizabeth wanted to know the truth. When Comstock is explaining the truth and claims that you were the one the ruined her pinky finger. That you were the one caused everything, you quickly smashed his head into the fountain and kill him. Then Elizabeth realizes something that you didn’t know and your nose begin to bleed. She says that you know more than what you realize and you said that you have no idea what she means. Elizabeth then wants to destroy the tower she lived in because it contains most of her power. In the last minute while you are about travel to the tower, also known as the “Siphon,” you are stopped by a fleet of supports from Vox Populi to prevent you from destroying the Siphon. Elizabeth destroys the machine that contains the instrument that calls the Songbird. You then use the Songbird to destroy the remaining fleet and the Siphon.

Death to the Songbird

Then the instrument suddenly fails on you and the Songbird tries to kill you and *rip* you are in a tear that brings you to Rapture (the underwater city). As you can remember any pressure with water will kill the Songbird. Elizabeth shushes the Songbird, as this moment was an emotional moment because the Songbird accepts its death and it felt like a father-daughter moment when the father dies. And you quickly go back to the surface and discover that there are many universes. And somehow Elizabeth is a time lord that can go through many realities. You can see the other Dewitt and Elizabeth talking while walking through the lighthouses. (Thus named Bioshock Infinite). You then go back in time to discover that you gave away your child, that you did not get the baptism. You also discover that the Luteces brought you to the lighthouse at the beginning of the game to get you to Columbia. You soon want to kill Comstock which when was born. You discover that you gave up your child to wipe away the debt and you try to grab your daughter back from Comstock. Also you discover that Elizabeth is your daughter known as Anna Dewitt (thus the letters from A.D. on your hand). You also discover that you are both Comstock and Booker Dewitt and many Elizabeths begins to drown you from the part that Comstock baptize and you did not once you realize you are both.

Trying to take back Anna Dewitt (a.k.a. Elizabeth Comstock) from Zachary Comstock (a.k.a. parallel universe B, Booker Dewitt).

“Smother Comstock!”

Explaining everything

Who is the Songbird?

Well this is unknown because you cannot see what’s inside. Theories have it that was another Booker due to the fatherly bond. However, we know that the tears did produce visions on how to create it from Rapture’s Big Daddies.

The Songs it’s modern? How????

The tears allow visions and hearing of our modern music.

Vigors? Where did that come from?

Again the tears allow visions to see how the Plasmids were made and allow a better form of Plasmids without injections, but liquid drinking form.

How the hell did the city fly up in the sky?

Rosalind and Robert Lutece learn Quantum physics and discover how to make things float.

What did the lighthouses and stars mean?

They are tears of infinite amount of universes.

The Luteces? Who are they?

As I said they are physicists that produce Quantum Physics to allow the floating city Columbia and due to the sabotage, they can go to any universe in any time or space. Robert is from Dewitt’s universe and Rosalind is from Comstock’s universe.

Well, how is Comstock and Dewitt the same person?

Well, they are the same and yet different. There are constant variables that lead up to the same point, but the choice of variables also. So Comstock chose to baptize and Dewitt didn’t. Then Comstock wanted an heir and took Anna Dewitt from Dewitt and created Elizabeth. Thus the parallel universe is made from A to B.

How does Elizabeth produce her powers?

Well part of her finger is in another universe and the Quantum Physics does not like this and thus wants to get her finger back. (I believe). Therefore tears are easily made from her and not technology.

The bleeding? Why?

When you go to different universes, you are hit with the current Dewitt’s knowledge and the brain cannot manage it so it causes the bleeding.

How does the parallel universe jump work?

Well, you cannot jump backwards and must continue forward. The Luteces know how to control the power and rather left in a void that they cannot age but can shift to any space and time. But Elizabeth has not perfected this therefore she could only jump to the same space and time, but in another parallel universe.

Why did the Luteces bring you to Columbia?

They want order to all universes and that the attack of New York will happen eventually. They hope for you to prevent that from ever happening.

Well what about the dead man in the light house?

He could be an assassin that Comstock placed and the Luteces killed him. They also want to make sure that Dewitt will respond and go to Columbia (I believe) and left a bloody murder.

What happened to the original parallel universe A?

For reals no one knows, even with Parallel Universe B. This is something that I continue to talk to myself about. No one knows, but you only know about where Elizabeth and you went. I guess the main emphasize is on your story not the universe story. However, this may be explained in the DLC that will come out in the future.

The title what does that mean?

There are infinite amount of universes. Smart play on words.

Well, I’m confused about the ending.

Well the ending kinda sums up the game with most of the loose plot holes made up. Just kinda reread everything from above to understand.


A view of Columbia for the first time. Like how I can see the game.

Plot: It is amazing. Just wish they fix a few plot holes. 10/10

Soundtrack: Amazing. Never wanted to turn off/mute the music except when the music got creepy (which is good) while I was watching the gameplay 10/10.

Gameplay: I did not play the game lol. Undefine.

Characters/Voice Acting: Amazing. You have to watch the game and listen because they are really good at what they do. 10/10.

Verdict: 10/10 from what I could see.

Recommendation: Play on a PC that can set the game on Ultra setting in order to get the beauty of the game.


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  4. I think the dead guy in the light house is a Past Dewitt that failed at getting Elizabeth just saying the sign says don’t fail us so I’m guessing that the luteces had tried several Dewitt’s from different door ways before they found one that worked 😛

  5. Or even better yet what if that dead guy in the light house is you after you get drowned at the end and they put you there so that the game is just really always a loop ;P

  6. You forgot to mention the tear D, which you enter while crossing the bridge into the Comstock house, and where Elizabeth had followed Comstock’s footsteps, and how you could hear her on the PA.

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