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I apologize in advance that this account is not going to make it anytime soon. I cannot keep up between my education and my blog. I hope you could understand because I would have to sit down and spend time watching upon hours of video gaming and trying to produce something for this blog. In advance, I do have another blog about my daily life. I’m trying to make it cynical and some of it is not really true, but it is mostly true about what’s going on. I try to blog once a day, but if not I’m sorry. You could follow my that account on atlasshot.wordpress.com. Please accept my deepest apologizes. I do wish for artbeyondgaming to come back when it’s ready. For right now it isn’t.


To Be Alive or To Be Dead With The Force

In the series known as Kotor or Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. The second in the series known as The Sith Lords, you play as an jedi exile. From this point it’ll be spoilers, you must find the last of the jedi council. In Hamlet, Hamlet values his life and so does the Exile in the game. Hamlet had a┬ádilemma to choose death and kill his uncle, choose life and do nothing, or apathy. It is similar here in the game except that you learn that you had your own dilemma, choose death or cut yourself from the force to live. You choose to cut yourself from the force due to some much information going through you that you could have died, that is why you chose to cut yourself from the force. Continue reading

Scenery in the Virtual World

Hey there! It’s AP! As much of our younger audience knows, AP/IB testing is coming up many of us will be studying hard over the next few days in order to receive our college credit. Instead of studying for my APs of which I have 4, I’ve been doing unproductive things such as watching anime instead. One would think that I am suffering from a severe case of senioritis. However, that’s not the case I’m just doing enough to maintain my grades :). I dove into the world of anime and found that the scenery from numerous animes and games such as SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) is quite breathtaking. However, for those of you who aren’t yet seniors in high school, this is one thing you need to take to heart.


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